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Design Configuration

Create your dream backyard and design your Studio Shed from the ground-up. Choose your size, interior and exterior layout, siding, and colors. Need help deciding? Choose from our most popular configurations. Get inspired with real Studio Shed customer stories and FAQs to learn more.

Location & Permits

Let’s turn to your location – calculate shipping and permitting time and cost for your new Studio Shed. Confused on permitting? Our experts can help you obtain your permits with our Permit Plan Set. Watch our permitting overview video and see our guides to learn more.

Installation Details

Choose your foundation and installation type. Whether you are a DIY kind of person or you prefer to have our Certified Installation, we’ve got you covered. Watch our installation overview video and see our guides to learn more.

Review Your Order

You’ve designed and chosen your perfect Studio Shed – it’s time to review your order. Your dream backyard is only a few clicks away. Fill out your payment details, explore available financing, and complete your order.

Contact your Studio Shed Advisor

Have a question? Need help pricing or want to to chat about an idea? We can walk you through the entire process.